Snowflake obsidian healing properties

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Snowflake OBSIDIAN

The obsidian snowfall is a very striking stone and many people have considered is artificial because of their appearance. However, this is a variation of obsidians, which results from the crystallization of volcanic matter. It is usually highly appreciated and acquired by glass aficionados due to its striking and distinctive appearance.

Snowflake obsidian healing properties

Characteristics of snowy obsidian

  • This stone is formed by the rapid cooling of the lava rich in silicic acid. This stone is not formed like a crystal, but is visualized in the form of a solid and amorphous mass that is made up of water, various minerals and gases.
  • When this stone begins to solidify, small inclusions of feldspar begin to form inside it, which is the component that gives snowy obsidian the appearance of white inlays.
  • This stone is composed of aluminum silicate and a high content of silicon oxides. Like the rest of the obsidians .
  • This stone is an igneous volcanic rock , which belongs to the group of silicates, its composition is very similar to that of granite and rhyolite.
  • Thanks to the fact that the fracture of this stone is conchoidal, that is, curved, the manufacture of sharp or translucent objects is much easier.
  • It should be noted that snow obsidian is not a mineral, this is because its chemical structure is not well defined, therefore, it is considered a mineraloid.
  • It has a hardness of 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale and has a specific weight of 2.6.
  • The small spots or spheres found inside the rock are called spherulites, and are made up of cristobalites, formed by the devitrification of the obsidian matrix.

Depending on the color of the obsidian it has different names:

  • Black obsidian .
  • Rainbow Obsidian : This is a black stone that has chromatic reflections.
  • Golden Obsidian : It is the black obsidian that has golden or silver spots.
  • Mahogany Obsidian : This rock has black spots and is brown in color.
  • Apache tear obsidian : it is nodular and black.

Previously, snow-covered obsidian was a highly valued rock, since thanks to its fracture, elements with a sharp shape and cutting tools such as knives or scalpels could be made. It was also used as an amulet and a talisman to ward off negative energies.

In Mesoamerican culture this stone was polished to create mirrors, as they have a reflective shine. Currently this stone is used in jewelry, ornamentation and for making cutting blades, such as the scalpel.

What is the meaning of Snowy Obsidian?

Its name comes from the Latin “lapis obsianus” which refers to the volcanic stone found by a Roman explorer, named “Obsius” in Ethiopia, during the 1st century AD.

Esoteric meaning: this stone is known as the “mirror of truth” stone since using this stone will help delve into the subconscious and in some areas that are feared and that you knew little about.

Snowy obsidian helps light up the corners of some areas we don’t want to see and brings out those things we hide from ourselves.

Having this stone will help us immerse ourselves in a state of meditation that will cooperate with the discovery of our fears, frustrations, and trauma. However, this stone will help you correct those negative situations and allow you to get rid of them.


The snowy obsidian can be found in those fields who have experienced rhyolitic, such as in Chile eruptions, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Peru, Kenya, Mexico, Scotland, United States, Guatemala, Iceland, Japan, New Guinea, El Salvador , among other nations with the presence of volcanoes.

In the Mediterranean we can only find four deposits Palmarola, Monte Acri, Pantalleria, Lipari. In ancient times the sources in the Aegean were Melos and Gyali

One of the main prehistoric sources of obsidian is found in central Anatolia, in the Middle East the most important sites were the city of Acigol and the Göllü Dağ volcano.

Therapeutic properties of snow obsidian

  • It favors integration : it allows people to accept themselves fully and to realize that negative and positive things have a good teaching. Snowy obsidian helps integrate all aspects of life.
  • It helps evolution : if a person has undergone any trauma, this stone contributes to the release of those negative energies that are compressing the good.
  • Material balance : This rock favors the balance of the root chackra, which makes it easier for fears to be eliminated, giving way to satisfaction.
  • Abundance stone: it is a stone that attracts abundance.
  • Energy cleansing : dark and black stones have always been used to cleanse the aura, strip the body of negative influences and protect ourselves from them. For this reason, it is recommended to clean the stone from time to time.
  • At the same time obsidian gives the opportunity to heal those limiting aspects, and helps to open your mind a little more to know yourself. Its main purpose is to illuminate your soul.

In conclusion, snowy obsidian helps to remove the spiritual blocks and fears that lie within people. It also teaches you that mistakes and successes are part of life and must be valued. This stone provides balance between body, mind, and spirit, allowing negative thoughts to be released.

Protective properties : this rock works as a shield against evil and negative energies, in the same way it helps to combat those psychic attacks. It should be borne in mind that the use of this stone must be careful as it can attract everything negative that is around us.

Professionals in gemology recommend placing snowy obsidian on the outside of the house, preferably at the main entrance, as this will absorb those negative energies that want to enter the house.

It helps us protect ourselves from our own fears and failures. However, we must be prepared to face the energies that are within us and that we are not aware of.

Healing properties : acts on the circulatory system, helping it to function effectively and detoxifying the blood. It also helps to alleviate those aches and pains caused in the muscles. It is also capable of controlling those nervous and anxiety states that are generated in the mind, such as depression.

Energy properties : this stone is responsible for stimulating self-awareness and allows us to observe reality. It could be said that it works as a mirror of the soul, since it is in charge of reflecting the negative and the positive that we carry inside.

It helps to recognize those wrong thoughts and the patones that alter the mentality of an individual. It is in charge of stimulating spiritual growth, in the same way it eliminates all that negative thought that generates mental stagnation.

Clean and activate snowy obsidian

It is important to regularly clean these stones, as they absorb a lot of energy. Cleaning snowy obsidian is easy, just put a little warm water with sea salt in a glass or container and introduce the stone for a few hours. Then the stone is removed from the water, dried with a clean cloth and kept in a safe place.

To activate obsidian you must work through breathing, in this way the stone will connect with you and feel your energy. It is good to work this stone near the quartz crystals since they serve as containment.

Use of Snowy Obsidian

This stone is responsible for stimulating energy. To promote mental disposition, behavior patterns and attention you must place it on the sacral chackra, in this way it will allow us to advance easily.

It is a good companion for meditation, but it should be used with care since it is a stone that can bring out our darkest side, highlighting those things that we are not aware of. After using the stone, it should be stored in a thick cloth bag.

Use in healing, gem therapy and reiki

  • It is ideal for decision making and resolution of trauma and fear.
  • Helps cleanse the aura.
  • Purify the body and blood.
  • Helps manage insecurity disorders.

In these cases the stone is used raw, unpolished or cabochon shaped.

Magical and esoteric uses

The use of this stone is a person, each person decides what use they decide to give it. However, there are people who get carried away by what astrology says.

Use in jewelry

It is evident that this stone is very striking, for that reason, it is so valued in jewelry. Its gray and white spots, which give the appearance of snowflakes, allow you to create very original jewelry.

So you will easily recognize when a person carries a snowy obsidian stone with them.


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