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Pyrite stone and its magical properties

Learn all about  pyrite and its properties. On this page you will see properties of pyrite never counted, so read each word carefully.

Properties of pyrite: what is pyrite used for?

When they ask us: pyrite for what it is used or what are the uses of pyrite , we have many answers and we only have to see the infinite properties that pyrite stone has. Here are some of them. Many times he asks us: what is the pyrite stone for? Iron pyrite is an excellent energy shield . It blocks and cuts off the pathway to negative energy and pollutants at all levels, including infectious diseases. When pyrite is worn around the neck, it protects all subtle physical bodies, deflecting dangers.

Iron pyrite is a very positive stone. It allows to overcome inertia and feelings of inadequacy. Facilitates contact with own abilities and potentials, stimulating the flow of ideas. A piece of iron pyrite placed on a desk energizes the area around it. Helps plan great business concepts. This stone teaches you to see what is behind the facade and encourages diplomacy.

Pyrite Stone Price. How much is pyrite

The  price of pyrite stone varies greatly depending on the place or country where you want to buy.

What is pyrite for?

When asked, what is pyrite used for , we can answer the following. Psychologically, iron pyrite relieves anxiety and frustration and boosts self-esteem and confidence . It is helpful for men who feel inferior, as it strengthens their self-confidence and masculinity, but it may be too powerful for <macho> men, as it will tend to initiate aggression. Helps women overcome subservient attitude and inferiority complex.

Pyrite accelerates mental activity by increasing blood flow to the brain. Improve memory and recall. The  Pyrite cubical in particular structure expands and mental abilities, balancing instinct with intuition and creativity analysis.

Emotionally, iron pyrite is useful in cases of melancholy and deep despair. On a physical level, it increases energy and allows you to overcome fatigue. Stops energy leaks from the physical body and aura. Iron pyrite increases the oxygen supply to the blood and strengthens the circulatory system. It is a stone that maintains the ideal of perfect health and well-being.

In healing it acts extremely quickly, causing the cause of the disease to be shown so that it can be examined. It is particularly useful for going to the root of karmic and psychosomatic illnesses.

Pyrite for healing

Iron pyrite treats bones and stimulates cell formation, repairs DNA damage, aligns the meridians, and aids sleep when sleep is disturbed by gastric discomfort. Strengthens the digestive system and neutralizes ingested toxins; It benefits the circulatory and respiratory systems and enhances oxygen in the blood stream. Iron pyrite is beneficial to the lungs, alleviating asthma and bronchitis.

The pyrite stone for money

Pyrite is known as the stone of money and abundance. Its resemblance to gold has caused many to confuse this type of mental and that is why it has always been related in some way to abundance. Therefore, this stone helps improve or keep our economy stable .

Every morning before leaving home you should take your pyrite stone and ask for the things you want to achieve in life, big or small, it doesn’t matter and then put it in your pocket. At night or when we return home we take it out of our pocket and we appreciate all the good that has happened to us during the day. In a short time you will be amazed at the power of this magic stone.

Pyrite uses and ways to keep it clean

Pyrite stone normally comes in the rough but can also be found in very different shapes such as cubes, spheres or even in jewelry and costume jewelery embedded in bracelets for example.

It radiates an optimistic and happy energy as well as being very protective since it takes you away from negative energies so that you have a feeling of happiness and joy.

Most of the “pyrite stone” comes from the United States, South America and Great Britain.

Regarding money and pyrite, if you want to attract more money, it is best to have a pyrite in the work area (desk) or, failing that, where you keep your wallet daily.

If what you want is to use its magical properties to protect you from negativity, the best place to place it is at the front door of the living room or office.

Put it in the throat in a bag or under the pillow.

How to clean the pyrite stone

The best and most traditional way to clean pyrite and stones in general is to leave them overnight in water with coarse sea salt. You can also place it next to a selenite since it absorbs all the negativity that the stone or mineral has taken.

It is also important that your pyrite stone is not touched by anyone but you to prevent it from absorbing the energy of another being. If we look at it and / or touch it while visualizing the moment when we can generate an income or prize, we will obtain a special energy from this magic stone and soon our wish will come true.


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