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crystals for motivation

Energies and crystals

This selection of crystals comes from my personal collection. The stones and

types of reiki

There are many varieties, directions and variations of Reiki (Reiki)

In this topic, I would …

crystals for babies


Minerals from the beginning of humanity

In ancient Egypt (-5000 years ago),

foot zoning

If you have a stomach ache, the middle of your arch

Novices would not suspect

Third Eye Symbol

Third Eye Symbol

The Third Eye is a symbol associated with the awakening of consciousness. Its concept is linked …

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Looking for the true meaning of the red jasper crystal meaning? Then that …

Lotus Chakra

Lotus Chakra

The Crown Chakra or the “lotus chakra” is the seventh chakra, located at the top …

root chakra mudra

Root Chakra Mudra

In this article we will describe all about root chakra and root chakra mudra.