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The  moonstone  is a variety of the adularia, this gem is very applied in jewelry. Physically it has a iridescent tone and is white in color. This stone is expensive and this is due to its difficult obtaining.

It is important that when buying a Luna stone you know well how it looks, since its appearance is very similar to Labradorite, and tends to be confused, being marketed under the name of Luna stone .

Rough Moonstone

Due to its composition it is easy to break and difficult to mold. It is said that through this gem you can have contact with ancestors or loved ones who have departed from the earthly plane.

History of the moonstone

In ancient Rome it was believed that this stone was born from the concentration of the rays of the moonlight with the earth. When a couple wanted intensely to conceive, they asked the moonstone for their wishes during the full moon phase, so that it would grant the gift of fertility during a romantic encounter.

Altars have been found in the forests that have this stone as an offering; It is also related to the ancient hunters since they believed that the stone would take care of them during the night and would return them safe and sound.

It is said that the moonstone is a talisman of the journey inward, and help you recover what is missing, that part of the soul that you forgot.


It is difficult to access a moonstone deposit , this is because it is a very rare gem and they keep it isolated because it has a high economic value. It can be found in Sri Lanka, the Swiss Alps, Madagascar, India, Tanzania, and the United States.

These minerals were found in a deposit 50 years ago in a mine in Meetiyagoda, Sri Lanka. The youngest moonstone pieces belong to spaces in Tanzania.

Fluorite:  Uses and Properties

This stone is widely used by women who usually have very difficult facets, that is, strong menstrual pain, problems with breastfeeding, insomnia, impusivity, etc. It is also good for balancing emotions, physical and mental state.

The moonstone protects travelers, especially at night and when traveling over water.

This stone is responsible for opening the heart and nurturing it with love and acceptance. This crystal is considered an erotic and loving stone awakens carnal desires, it is said that if a collar is used moonstone during sex, in the full moon phase, this will harmonize with your body in the natural lunar cycle .

As the legendary  Stone of the Traveler , the moonstone especially protects those who travel at night or on water. Frequent travelers should have one in the glove compartment to drive safely at night and as protection from the fury behind the wheel.

This stone is supportive for dancers and artists, as it gives them inspiration and self-expression.

Physical Healing Energy

Moonstone directly affects the biological forces of the body and the female reproductive system, promoting fertility and childbirth, relieves menstrual problems and balances hormones.

Relieves degenerative conditions, such as skin, hair, eyes. It is ideal to treat insomnia.

Emotional Healing Energy

One of its main virtues is the calming and relaxing quality of this stone , its healing energy allows you to master your emotions and have them under control instead of repressing or expressing them. 

Chakra Healing and Balance Energy

Its crystalline energy allows it to be associated with the crown chakra and our spiritual center. In this way, peace, concentration, wisdom and connection with God are achieved.

Spiritual energy

In India the  Moonstone was the stone of the gods and goddesses of hope. For this reason, the spiritual energies of the stone manage to combat materialism and strengthen faith in people. Open your mind, hope and timing.

Amulets and Talismans

Since ancient times it has been considered a protection amulet for travelers. It is believed to be most powerful in water and during the full moon, this gem meant hope for man.

In the health 

This stone should never replace medical treatments, some healers have used it to stimulate the pineal gland and balance the heart rate. In women it helps to regulate their menstrual cycle and to conceive easily and quickly.

The stone is also known as a fisheye, wolf’s eye, or adularia. It is found in Vesuvius, the Swiss Alps and certain areas of the Himalayas.

Magical Properties of Moonstone

In Arab countries women who want to conceive or carry a pregnancy sewn on their clothes moonstones . This stone is associated with the goddess Diana and is recommended to be worn during the full moon.

It is also associated with passionate love, the awakening of intuition, success in business, promoting fertility, protection on land and sea. The moonstone is considered to  bring good luck.

Characteristics of the moonstone

This stone is characterized by having a whitish color and possessing an almost translucent transparency. Another of its characteristics is that a phenomenon called adularescense is created in it , which is generated when it is touched by the reflection of sunlight, thus forming a beautiful rainbow.

Moonstone Types

The moonstone comes in peach, blue, gray, white, brown, lavender, beige, and a prismatic variety known as  rainbow moonstone .

It is a unique stone for its ability to change color. This phenomenon occurs if it is exposed to light for a long time, its color may also vary depending on the light in which it is displayed.

  • Blue or Cat’s Eye Moonstone : promotes clarity and mental vision, as long as the person is in a meditative state. It is useful for viewing emotional patterns and life lessons.
  • White Moon Stone : this stone stimulates psychic perception, activates the energy of women and the emotional balance of men. It also helps to drive away nightmares or insomnia in children.
  • Peach or the Yellow Moonstone : stimulates the mind, relieves worries and brings out the best in people. This stone promotes loving energy.

Rainbow Moonstone : manages to diffuse energy through the aura and provides psychic energy , which helps clear the mind and thoughts. 

How to clean the Moonstone

One of the cleaning methods that you can apply is to wash it with salt water, the Moonstone is resistant to chemicals, but you must bear in mind that it is not good to abuse that and just cleaning it once a month is enough.

The ideal moments for cleaning the stone are:

  • In the waning crescent and new moon : it is favorable to clean it during the full or waning crescent since in these cycles the energy is directed into the earth, thus absorbing all the negativity. Especially if you bury it.
  • The smoke of incense : passing the smoke will eliminate the negative energies that are impregnated in the stone.
  • Under a jet of water : placing the stone under a stream of water, such as a waterfall or a river, will help to drag the negativity away, achieving a safe cleaning.
  • Buried underground : Burying the stone underground for several days will achieve a deep cleaning, eliminating any negativity that has attracted the stone. Always remember where you place the stone so you don’t lose it.
  • In salted water : in a container with water add a tablespoon of salt and just place the stone for 24 hours, dry it and it will be ready to be recharged.
  • With the visualization : If you are one of the people who have developed their energy sensitivity , it will be easy for you to perceive when it is time to clean or recharge your stone. At the time of meditation you can use some light, liquid or other element that floods the stone until it is completely clean.

The ideal time to recharge the moonstone  is during the crescent and full moon, in these lunar phases the stone will absorb all the magnetism and the good vibes. 

The zodiac and the Moon stone

The  Moonstone is more compatible with certain signs, however, this does not mean that you cannot carry a Moonstone with you  or that you are not compatible with it. The zodiacal signs that are most related to this stone are Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces, the properties of the stone work perfectly on these signs.

The Moonstone  is the ideal gem of the Cancer water sign, this is because this sign is very changeable and they suffer from strong mood swings during the moon phases. They feel very touched by the lunatic energies and manifest very visible changes in temperament. 


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