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Black stones, given the color of gems, many call classic or conservatism. Used as a basis in the manufacture of accessories, expensive jewelry and trinkets to complement the interior. Minerals are strikingly beautiful and, if you believe people who are fond of gemology, have magical and healing properties. Therefore, amulets and amulets are often made from them.

Features of black stones and their properties

Specialists conventionally divide black minerals of natural origin into:

  1. decorative or ornamental;
  2. semiprecious;
  3. gems.

Each type of rock is attributed its own characteristic features, physical, chemical characteristics. Each natural material is unique and like any little thing of a black hue is fraught with a lot of mysticism. In ancient times, such gems were compared with something negative, black, negative. They attributed only the bad.

It was believed that such gems were always carried by widowers, sorcerers and witches, who used them to conduct terrible rites. Minerals gave strength to its owner, protected him from evil spirits, discovered supernatural abilities, skillfully led through life.

Modern people in this regard are somewhat easier to characterize dark natural materials, relating them to the desire to comply with classical minimalism. Girls and ladies of mature age willingly put on such jewelry, trying to keep up with fashion, emphasizing their style and personality. Often stones are used to create men’s jewelry, accessories, which is also beautiful and original.

At the same time, esotericists, as in antiquity, attribute their sacred destiny to each mineral of the color of night. In the world there are a large number of dark stones, but some are especially popular. Each type of dark stone is appreciated by masters in its own way and is used in the manufacture of something specific. To give a more salable appearance, minerals are framed with metal.

What are decorative and ornamental black stones

A wide variety of black decorative, ornamental gems can be found on modern jewelry, figurines, caskets. All of them are incredibly beautiful, bright, differ in certain physical characteristics, but not every such material is durable, which is why it is little appreciated in jewelry.

Coal Agate. Coal agate rock is very common, has a monophonic black color, is especially loved by jewelers. Agate is often mined in which there are peculiar colored patterns, nuggets are unique, unique in their beauty. Mohs hardness is 6.5 – 7.

Obsidian. Scientists attribute the volcanic origin to the rock called obsidian , it is believed that the material is formed during the long process of solidification of cooling lava. Amorphous structure, opacity, while on the main black background of the rock, you can easily distinguish peculiar patterns. In ancient times, the divinely beautiful stone was called “The fragment of Satan’s claw”, “Tears of the Apaches”, many mystical events and legends were associated with it. Mohs hardness 5.

Jet. A well-known decorative stone is charcoal, which scientists called the jet . The origin of the mineral is associated with petrification of wood, a process dating back millions of years. A brittle nugget is difficult to process, but its main property is the plasticity of the stone at a certain heating temperature. Hence, a huge number of peculiar beautiful forms of the jet we meet. After processing, the stone shines very much, which, in fact, is appreciated by modern fashionistas. Mohs hardness 3.

Jasper. A mineral called jasper, experts attribute to the most unique natural materials. Despite the uniform dark shade, the cut of the stone is individual, on it you can see the bright multi-colored blotches left by other rocks. Depending on the place of extraction, the dissemination tones (white, green, red) differ. Often absolutely plain jet is confused with jasper. Mohs hardness 6 – 7.

Amber. Having lain for millions of years under the bowels of our planet, pine resin has gradually solidified and is now a black amber mineral . The fragile expensive nugget is appreciated by the masters of jewelry. It looks very beautiful and attractive. Mohs hardness 2 – 3.

Onyx. A mineral of volcanic origin called onyx is quite common. Since ancient times, a completely opaque black nugget is shrouded in many legends; both healing and magical properties are attributed to him. The so-called “Aphrodite’s Nail” is often faked, passing off black marble for it. Mohs hardness 2.7.

Hematite. The amazing black-red mineral in ancient times was considered a stone of gore. Another name for the ornamental stone is the bloodstone. The gem is able to magnetize, which is rare for such minerals. It is highly brittle, which makes processing difficult. As a frame with such a mineral, only silver found an exquisite combination, something more expensive looks out of place. Mohs hardness 4.95 – 5.16.

Unlike hematite , other ornamental and decorative stones, widely popular among jewelry masters, are perfectly combined with gold and platinum. The more expensive the framing material, the more expensive the decoration itself, however, the value of the mineral plays an important role in the cost of such products.

What are semiprecious black stones

In nature, it is not often possible to meet black gems belonging to the category of semiprecious rocks. So, the only representative is considered to be morion. By the beautiful name of Morion, scientists understand black quartz. Mohs hardness 7.

The appearance of the nugget is absolutely black, almost non-transparent crystals make you peer into their natural beauty for a long time. Perhaps this is why Morion has always been credited with magical properties, considered it a mourning stone. In the old days, it was customary only for widowers to wear rings with Morion. Today, this natural material is widely popular in the manufacture of inexpensive jewelry.

What are precious black stones

Minerals that are rarely found in nature, characterized by high physical characteristics are classified as precious stones.

Sapphire. It is very rare to meet black sapphire in nature. The last time a stone of a naturally black hue was found in 1938 (Black Star of Quisland). The same sapphires that the market offers us today actually acquire a black shade thanks to a special treatment, the natural color of such minerals is dark purple. Sapphires amaze with their genuine beauty. Peering into the bottomless depth of sapphire, you can see that the internal structure of the stone resembles a dark night sky with playfully shimmering stars on it. Mohs hardness 9.

Diamond. Unlike colorless diamonds , black fellow is found on the surface of the earth. It is believed that this mineral is much older in origin than other natural diamonds. The nugget is characterized by high physical characteristics. Durable stone is used in jewelry. Mohs hardness 10.

Black Pearl. Probably the most popular and widely known stone. Durable natural material that does not transmit light was valued in the Middle Ages along with diamonds. To find such perfection in nature is a rarity. Hence the high cost of the mineral. Mohs hardness 3 – 4.

Spinel. A less expensive and valuable stone is spinel . It is distinguished by the complexity of processing, therefore most often such a stone after processing has an extremely smooth surface, without faces (cabochon). Mohs hardness 3.58 – 3.61.

Opal. A mineral called black opal is especially appreciated among jewelers. The noble stone surprises with iridescent tints of unusual radiance. The higher the shine, the more expensive the material itself. Mohs hardness 1.98 – 2.20.

What jewelry do with black stones

It is easy to guess that decorative, ornamental, semi-precious and precious stones are primarily distinguished not only by their appearance, but also by their physical characteristics. Each mineral is unique in its own way, which allows it to be used in something specific.

Semi-precious materials of a black shade are most often framed in silver, so the products are not too expensive (up to 7,000 rubles), beautiful and quite affordable. Framing in other alloys will also be worthy, but the cost of the finished product will increase significantly. The only exception was hematite, this stone is suitable only for silver, with other metals it looks bad.

Amber and opal will be the perfect complement to any platinum or gold jewelry, respectively, and the cost with such minerals is high. Precious black stones are framed exclusively with gold, platinum of the highest standard, the cost of such jewelry is high.

Jewelry stores offer a modern consumer of both sexes a lot of beautiful jewelry, with delightful black stones. Among the great variety, everyone will find affordable and attractive in appearance: beads, bracelets, earrings, pendants, pendants, necklaces and even ordinary inexpensive jewelry, accessories for clothes, hair. Each product is characterized by high-quality processing of the gem, the uniqueness of the shade, and often the original idea of ​​the master!

Jewelry with black stones is suitable for all zodiac signs. Choosing for yourself something specific from natural black stones, it should be remembered that gems, like any natural material, can attract various kinds of energy. In order for your product to bring only positive emotions, protect and attract good luck, experts recommend rinsing it periodically with running water, washing away everything bad from it. When purchasing an amulet or a talisman with a black gem, you need to believe in it and then the stone will become a reliable protector, patron in business. Attract good luck, financial well-being, health.


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