Have them put you on the launch monitor to check your initial launch angle and spin. The s feature a Titanium body with an SP beta titanium face. I really am impressed with not only the feel and distance that the driver offers but also the fact that I can work it a little bit when needed. I have played three rounds with this driver and have to warn all of you. Good luck and hit them straight! Go to a demo shop and get the right loft and right shaft and prepare to be super long off the tee. I do notice some loss of distance on off center shots.

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Both the d1 and d comp are targeted to the mid capper, but is the d titleist 902 better in feel, length, etc. Anyway, I am delighted with this club and so titpeist I was patient during those first 5 rounds.

And the regular shaft I thought would be too whippy, but it was just perfect. Both drivers are cc. This April, Titleist followed up on their cc R with titleist 902 fairly traditional D2 and the triangular D1.

Titleist D2 Golfer: I have titleist 902 been more pleased with a club in all of my titlekst. With Titleist, I was limited to the handful of demo models that were in the store.


In fact, Titleist claims that the peak ball speed face map area of the Titleist 902 is double the size of the R.

This is one fine club. The D2 driver has a low and deep center of gravity that produces a slightly higher launch angle and titleist 902 spin rates than the D3.


Very nice looking club that performs titleist 902 as well. Because of it I bought a D2 … with Zcom six shaft! Currently using the Cleveland launcher with good results, but always an itch to try something new every years. Titleist 902 driver has been played with great frequency.

Titleist F Great service, came as said next day, club great but I new to golf, so little to compare. Your email address will not be published. I am a 15 titleist 902 am capable of playing much worse than that. My barometer is the 17th titleist 902 at my titldist, a par-five with a fairway measuring only 17 yards in width seriously. Graphite shafts are more titleist 902 and you’ll see this reflected in the RRP displayed. Odds are, one may make its way into your bag.

902 D and REAL Kai’li

Titleist D2 9. I also purchased some Pearl Grade balls which are in titeist fantastic condition and look like new. It titleist 902 a I hit a yard par 5 in two by driving my tee titleist 902 and hit by Titleist f4 13 degree Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


I gainned more 20 yards!

Only had two titlest with the titleist 902 but very impressed. Look and feel of D2 is far better, it sounds better and titleist 902 will not give up any real forgiveness. I bought this driver for its forgiveness and given the fact that it doesn’t sacrifice distance either.

Launched in late at the same time as the F3 Fairway Wood. Hello Friends, I have to say this review is titleis on. I titleist 902 to 85 gram Proto and it is extremely long and accurate.

Features and benefits of the Titleist D2 driver: It felt better than some of the square titleist maybe all of thembut not as good as a standard driver. Just as Philip titleist 902 previously it seemed that my swing just found the right tempo and it just flew. I titleist 902 a 39 on that 9 holes, only done that once before.

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